So anyways, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Who is this "Nathalie"?


Nathalie is madly in love with being a mom, and spreading birth awareness to anyone who will listen!

She believes that pregnancy and childbirth are sacred events that should be celebrated by all, and aims to help connect, educate and empower both Doulas and expectant parents through her podcast, blog posts, and one-on-one services.

If Nathalie had to pick one meal to eat day after day, it would be taco salad. It has been said that she is nothing short of a merciless beast at both pictionary and boggle. Her favorite herb is lemon balm, otherwise known as Melissa Officinalis -which according to her translates to 'smells like fruit loops'.

Her first documented love was Sinatra, and it is rumored that she still has a crush on Uncle Jesse. If you followed even 70% of that, then you must be kindred spirits, and you are invited to subscribe to connect with her today!

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