Dearest Doula Podcast Episode 14

Doula podcast, featuring Nathalie Saenz and Brianna Ecklid Brianna Ecklid is a “new-la” doula, and it was a blast having her on the show. Always working on something cool and creative, Brianna divides her time between writing, knitting, and being an awesome single mom and birth worker. She is currently serving clients in the Gladstone, Michigan area. Her journey is full of heart, and I hope you feel as inspired from her interview as I did!

Dearest Doula Community, Brianna shares her valuable insights and journeys on dearest doula today! Click here to listen on itunes or simply press play below!

Moment of Struggle

After coming out of a rough relationship, Brianna shared how she re-vamped her wounded self-esteem and adopted an “I can” attitude. Definitely a strong and inspiring share!

“I was meant to be right here, right now”

Brianna gives what seemed like small words of encouragement to one of her clients and realizes what a HUGE impact she can make to positively influence the lives of those around her.

Success Quote

“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.”

-Marcel Proust

Recommended Resources & Interview Links

Sacred Living Movement

Letters to a Young Poet‘-Rainer Maria Rilke

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You can connect with Brianna through her personal website, Oak & Stream

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