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Dearest Doula Podcast Episode 103: ‘Childbirth International Philosophy & Training’ Featuring Kristie Ellison

Ep. 103:

‘Childbirth International Philosophy & Training’ Featuring Kristie Ellison


In this Dearest Doula podcast episode, we are discussing the ‘Childbirth International’ philosophy and training opportunities with fellow birth worker Kristie Ellison!

Kristie is a birth doula & postpartum doula as well as a childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor. Kristie is also a trainer with Childbirth International, and the owner of Nurtured Nest LLC – offering birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding classes and support to clients in the central Texas area.


Dearest Doula Community, Kristie shares her  incredible insights regarding Childbirth international on the dearest doula podcast today! Click HERE to listen on itunes or simply press play below!



In this Dearest Doula podcast episode we discuss:

History & Philosophy of Childbirth International

Overview of Programs offered by Childbirth International:

CBI Birth Doula Program

CBI Postpartum Doula Program

CBI Childbirth Ed. Program

CBI Breastfeeding Counselor Program

CBI Advanced Doula Program

Kristie’s Personal Testimony of working with CBI

Nitty Gritty, resources and so much more!


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You can connect with CBI through their website, as well as on Facebook.

You can connect with Kristie through her website, Nurtured Nest, as well as on her Facebook page.

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