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Dearest Doula Podcast Episode 47: ‘Benefits of Chiropractic Care’ Featuring Dr. Aimee Bautista, Dr. Dan Foss, Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, & Dr. Vivian Keeler

Learn all about the ‘Benefits of Chiropractic Care’ in this amazing ensemble episode featuring FOUR incredible doctors of Chiropractic! We are joined by the wonderful Dr. Aimee Bautista, Dr. Dan Foss, Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, and Dr. Vivian Keeler for this insightful and inspiring episode, which is part 1 of our special 2-part series for this topic!

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In this episode we discuss:


What inspired our guests to become Chiropractors

History of Chiropractic


Main Focus of Chiropractic


What is a subluxation?

Overall Benefits of Chiropractic during pregnancy and the postpartum period


You can connect with Dr. Aimee Bautista through her website, Mommas Chiro.

You can connect with Dr. Dan Foss through his website, Pura Vida San Antonio.

You can connect with Dr. Vivian Keeler through her email here.

You can connect with Dr. Cynthia Vaughn through her email here.

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