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Dearest Doula Podcast Episode 48: “Put Yourself Out There!” Featuring EeVon Ling, N.D.

If you love hearing stories from birth workers who have found ways to bridge multiple passions together, this episode is for you! EeVon Ling is a naturopathic doctor, doula, hypnotist, and certified Hypnobirthing practitioner currently serving fertility and expecting clients in the Toronto area. It was an incredible honor and pleasure having her on the show, and listening to her stories of inspiration, struggle, and joy.

Dearest Doula Community, eevon shares her  insights and journeys on dearest doula today! Click HERE to listen on itunes or simply press play below!



EeVon shares with us her:


Elevator Speech and Origin Story


Moment of Struggle

When a client experienced a birth outcome that was radically different from her expectations, EeVon was challenged to expand her skill set and knowledge base to better meet her clients needs .


“I was meant to be right here, right now”

EeVon finds fulfillment and purpose when assisting her clients in overcoming many of the challenges that are often posed in the birth room, especially when it comes to helping her clients advocate for their rights and options.


Biggest Strength & Weakness as a Birth Worker


Favorite Success Quote

Recommended Resources & Interview Links


‘The Birth Partner’

-Penny Simkin

‘Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding’

-Dr. Jack Newman

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You can connect with EeVon through her Website.

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