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Dearest Doula Podcast Episode 82: “All The Small Steps You Take Add Up To Something” Featuring Kelly Collins


 Dearest Doula Podcast

Ep. 82: “All The Small Steps You Take Add Up To Something” Featuring Kelly Collins

In this latest Dearest Doula podcast episode, we are joined by fellow doula Kelly Collins!

Kelly Collins is a Postpartum doula, fitness instructor, writer/blogger and consultant, as well as the owner of ‘Best of Both Worlds’ doula services, serving clients in the North Carolina area. Listen in to today’s podcast where she shares her stories of inspiration, struggle, and triumph.

Dearest Doula Community, kelly shares her  insights and journeys on the dearest doula podcast today! Click HERE to listen on itunes or simply press play below!



Kelly shares with the Dearest Doula community her:


Elevator Speech and Origin Story


Moment of Struggle as a Birth Worker

After the initial excitement and inspiration from her doula training wore off, Kelly found herself wondering how to best proceed as a birth worker, and hit a wall that we can all relate to.


“I was meant to be right here, right now”

As Kelly faced a low point in her business, she was presented with a unique opportunity that boosted not only her confidence, but her business as well.

Biggest Strength & Weakness as a Birth Worker


Recommended Resources & Interview Links

Facebook Groups- like Birth Work Is The Best Work! 😉

‘Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother’ 
-Beth Ann Fennelly

Also, Kelly’s must-have item? Her phone!

You can connect with Kelly through her website,

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Podcast Sponsor

This episode was brought to you by the GentleBirth team based – based in the California Bay Area.  GentleBirth’s childbirth education Instructor training has a unique focus on building emotional resilience and mental health through brain science for new parents with emerging technology for the new generation of digital native parents.

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