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Our Current Sponsors

2016 Q2 Proud Dearest Doula Podcast Sponsor

Are you a doula or childbirth professional who wants to deliver the best experience to your clients? Do you also want to make sure you’re being smart about the best ways to run your business? Consider ‘Your Birth Experience’! Their training and curriculum is used nationwide by childbirth professionals who learn how to connect with clients, identify their needs and equip them for their own unique experience. Participants of ‘Your Birth Experience’ will also learn valuable branding, sales, marketing, and pricing strategies. They empower you with confidence by combating myths with facts, using simple and effective training techniques and by getting you the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions.

Learn more about our step-by-step training process at Use the code dearestdoula for 10% off your purchase!

Bebo Mia- Proud Sponsors of the Dearest Doula Podcast for Q2 of 2016!

Want to build a doula business that supports YOU, as well as your clients?

If you love being a doula with all of your heart and struggle to find clients to grow a thriving business, bebo mia’s “Don’t Doula-It-Yourself” Business Trainings & Memberships are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you want trainings on social media, goal setting, marketing, or more, they have trainings that you are going to LOVE!

Visit them at  for a  complete list of trainings including a pretty amazing and free business prep school video series! 

You can also use the code DEAREST to get 50% off any of the Pay Per View Videos or Monthly Membership! 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Dearest Doula, there are several options to choose from!

Blog and Social Media Sponsorship

Podcast Sponsorship

We’re proud of the amazing relationships we have forged with our current sponsors and look to do the same with you!

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